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Jul 19, 2021

Chloe Elgar is an author, psychic medium and rune witch living in Austin, Texas. In her new book and psychic memoir, “Revealed by Darkness,” Chloe opens up about her ability to see and feel spirits, a gift she has had since childhood. She invites readers to explore their imbalanced relationship with darkness and intuition while detailing her own adventurous journey to face her fears and find herself while learning to love the dark. 


A fierce believer in magic and ally to Mother Earth, Chloe is known for her raw vulnerability, courage, and willingness to tell the truth. She weaves together spiritual aspects of the East and West, thanks to her unique childhood growing up in Malaysia. Chloe works closely with runic wisdom, magick, animals, and celtic shamanism and invites people into a different conversation with the dark and the light. 

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Topics Explored: 


11:00 - Our Relationship with Death

  • How has our culture distorted our perception of death? 


19:20 - How to Work with Darkness

  • Why are we so scared of the dark? 
  • Creating rituals around darkness
  • Dissolving our preferences in duality to move toward unity 
  • Setting boundaries with spirits to eliminate the vibration of fear 


55:50 - Discovering our own Source of Safety in the Dark

  • What if we do encounter what we fear in the dark? How would we respond? 
  • What narrative do we tell about the unseen world? 
  • Can we approach the world from a place of honor or observation without judgment? 


1:25:28 - Pandora’s Box

  • What happens if we begin to open our personal Pandora’s boxes up? 
  • What were things before we labeled them “dark” or “evil”? What if the things we judge as “bad” are only that because of the meaning we’ve projected onto them? 
  • Does “pure evil” exist or is it a label we’ve given to something that is really charged and thick? 
  • How do absolute truths impact our ability to ask questions? 


Revealed by Darkness - Chloe Elgar

“To Know the Dark” from The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry


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