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Oct 11, 2021

My friend Ben Harris (@the.fear.guy) is a fear alchemist, intuitive guide, and host of the Feeling Free podcast. This episode takes an unexpected turn and our conversation slips into a real-time coaching session. Ben helps me work through some of my challenges around being a conscious leader, and my fear around how to stay in integrity as I grow my dream. Later, the roles reverse, and I take Ben into such a deep visualization that he actually puts down the microphone to lie down on my living room floor (Watch it all on YouTube!) I’m excited for you to get a little taste of what different styles of powerful coaching can look like.


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Topics Explored: 


11:10 – How we are conditioned to live in fear

  • Our fear default can keep us from allowing ourselves to heal, feel good, or pursue success
  • Leaning into the edges in relationship

18:40 - The addiction to doing – Are we consciously healing or chasing a fix?

  • Nurturing the wounded masculine to embrace feelings 
  • How can we reprogram to say yes to feelings that aren’t as easy to naturally love and accept?
  • Having a temporary feeling doesn’t make it part of our permanent identity 

31:40 – The connection between fear of failure and fear of success

  • Prayer and meditation as a guide to the universe’s message
  • Multi-dimensional emotional mastery – How to experience opposing feelings at the same time
  • How we keep ourselves small to stay safe
  • Fear as the root of all perfectionism and control

1:09:50 – Rewriting the fear-based stories we tell ourselves

  • What are Hallie and Ben’s fears around their respective creative projects? What can we learn from their experiences?

1:39:40 – Entering the age of the heart   


Feeling Free with Ben Harris podcast

RAIN Meditation - Tara Brach

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