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Dec 28, 2019

Jamie Catto is the director of the film Becoming Nobody: the quintessential portal to Ram Dass' life and teachings.

This episode of the Thought Room was recorded in New York City after the premiere of Jamie’s film at the Rubin Museum. 

Jamie has collaborated with numerous celebrities and creative powerhouses including Bono, Alanis Morissette, Brian Eno, Dennis Hopper, John Cusack, Carrie Fisher, Susan Sarandon, Kurt Vonnegut, Noam Chomsky--and many more. He is a gifted musician (Faithless; 1 Giant Leap), as well as a Tedx speaker, author and mentor. His creative work has been nominated for many awards globally (including two Grammy nominations), 

You can find out more about Jamie’s workshops and offerings at 

To find out more about the film check out

Topics Explored: 

> Jamie’s film ‘Becoming Nobody’, the creation process

using Ram Dass teachings to build the film’s soundtrack

> Jamie’s musical project recording master musicians from around the world, how that was turned into a film showcasing common people, authors, speakers, and influential thinkers from around the world

> Music as medicine 

> The off putting materialism of new age spiritual data and much of organized religion, how that blocks people from gaining the vital information available through spirituality

> Jamie’s personal spiritual journey, experimenting with magic, transmuting suffering

> Defining “shadow work”, finding ways to allow those aspects of ourselves to have a place, remembering what we loved as children

> An AMAZING practical technique to welcome your feelings without attaching to them 

> Jamie Catto’s 5 Unpretentiously Named Golden Keys of Alchemy 

  1. If I had set up this experience as a training simulation and then forgotten about it, what was I trying to show myself?
  2. How is this a reminder for me to self care in a way that I’ve forgotten to or neglected to?
  3. Could this be an invitation for me to show up more, be more honest, visible, authentic in some way?
  4. Does this hurt more because of my painful past?
  5. Through all of this, what are the gifts I can share with others?

> Varied masks, social roles, the authenticity behind the masks

> Healing the male and female wound, Jamie’s workshops, how to have the best sex ever

> The endless possibilities of human connection through being our true authentic selves 

> Inviting mischief into our lives

> Pausing, listening, and being curious in stillness, Yin energy, defining Yin and Yang energies

> Jamie’s hopes for the film ‘Becoming Nobody’ 

Show Resources:

(American writer) Kurt Vonnegut

(Singer) David Byrne

(Music Group) Faithless

(Album) Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ by Peter Gabriel

(Album) My Life In The Bush of Ghosts by Brian Eno and David Byrne

(Album) Remain In The Light by The Talking Heads

(African Singer) Baaba Maal

(Indian Flute Player) Hariprasad Chaurasia

(Indian Drummer) Trilok Gurtu

(Philosopher) Noam Chomsky

(Author/Speaker) Esther Hicks (Law of Attraction)

(Disney Film) Inside Out

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